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Ancestral home

Geislerhof - Ancestral home since 1635

The Geislerhof in Gerlos Gmünd has been in the possession of the Geisler family for over 300 years.

We are especially proud of having been recognized as an historical farm. It represents our family's deep bond with the Geislerhof over many generations. Today, three generations live on this old Tyrolean farm: mother Theresia with son Walter and his wife Gabi and their two children Benedikt and Magdalena.

The Geislerhof specializes in dairy farming. Along with 14 to 16 head of dairy cattle, there are also calves, goats, and rabbits in the barns. The animals are fed with 100% genetically unmodified foods

From the beginning of June to the end of September, the cows enjoy munching on the fresh grass and alpine herbs on the Gerlostal Alm. During this time, a herdsman looks after them. Delicious dairy products are created from the fresh milk collected at the dairy. As a result, the "Zillertal Dairy" was awarded the prestigious "hay milk certificate".

Farmhouse chapel

Hofkapelle Geislerhof, Gerlos

In 1888 and 1889, the farmhouse and the barns at the Geislerhof were newly built. To give thanks that no one was injured or killed during construction, Maria and Johann Geisler built a small farmhouse chapel in 1891 not far from the house.

In spring 2010, the chapel was torn down due to construction work. As a consequence, a new chapel was built in 2010 and 2011, and it was consecrated in autumn 2011 by pastor Ferdinand Schnaiter.