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Geislerhof hikes

Start right at the farm

Start your hike directly from the Geislerhof without needing a car - put on your hiking boots and get started! 


1-hour hike along the Schwarzach. Best suited for families with children's strollers. Experienced hikers can climb up to the Schwarzachscharte at an elevation of 2,475 m.

The Schwarzachtal is the perfect place to get accustomed to the sport of hiking. The hike leads from the Geislerhof past the Gmünd reservoir and continues from here to Gasthof Kühle Rast. The path leads through a small stretch of forest slowly uphill. You will hike around 1 hour along the Schwarzach to the Schwarzachalm snack station. Awaiting you here at an elevation of almost 1,400 m are delicious Kaiserschmarrn pancakes! From here, less experienced hikers can take hiking path no. 8 to the Obere Schwarzachalm, while the more sure-footed can continue along the path into the valley. Those with mountaineering experience can follow the uphill mountain path to the Schwarzachscharte at an elevation of 2,475 m.

Experience Path

Beautiful, leisurely hike along the Gerlosbach.

From Gerlos – Gmünd to Gerlos, a variety of stations show the relationship between man and nature. For children as well as adults, this is an educational nature and sensory experience. The Experience Path also offers impressions from local artists, which are presented by means of up to 3 meter high sculptures made of wood, tree trunks, rocks, and other natural materials.

Gmünd Reservoir Trail

Ca. 1-hour easy hike directly from the Geiserhof. This is also an exciting excursion for kids to go on from the Geislerhof with the ponies. 

Head directly from the Geislerhof towards Hotel Almhof and from here through lush, blooming meadows to the Zimmererbauer. The path continues through the forest, where you will reach a few steps after around 10 minutes - these lead directly to the dam crest. Awaiting you here is a breathtaking view of the reservoir. From the dam crest, a flat path leads through a tunnel and then along the lake back to Hotel Almhof. After an uphill stretch, you will once again reach the Geislerhof.

Animal Nature Trail

1-hour hike along the Schwarzach. Light hiking equipment is recommended!

Head from the Geislerhof past the Gmünd reservoir and continue to Gasthof Kühle Rast. From here, the path leads through a short stretch of forest slightly uphill. You will hike around 1 hour along the Schwarzach to the Schwarzalm snack station. Along this path are info boards with local animals such as marmots, chamois, eagles, etc.


1-hour leisurely hike for families with children and strollers. Experienced hikers can continue to the Wimmerscharte (elev. 2,500m). Good hiking boots are recommended.

The Wimmertal is a place for leisurely hikes. Head straight from the Geislerhof to Hotel Kröller. Across the road on the other side of the valley, a path leads slightly uphill - this is the entrance to the Wimmertal! After ca. 1 hour of easy hiking on path no. 6, you will reach the Wimmtertal snack station. An excellent insider's tip here is the Wiener schnitzel with the gorgeous mountain panorama. From the Wimmertalalm, even less experienced hikers can venture up to an elevation of 1,760 m via the Gründlbachalm and Grundhütte. Mountain path no. 6, which you can take up to the Wimmerscharte at an elevation of 2,500 m, starts here for those with more experience.

Interactive hiking map