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Mountain bike tours

Tour suggestions from easy to difficult


Easy difficulty level - BLUE

The Schönachtal

With a route length of 11 km and 200 vertical meters, the Schönachtal route is a great introductory tour, because it is suited for less experienced bikers. You can reach the Schönachtal on an easy, moderately uphill gravel road. You will be delighted by the landscape, because it is a true highlight. The turnaround point for this tour, the Issalm, is surrounded by the impressive rock faces of the mountains, and in the valley head, you will be amazed by the imposing Schönach glacier. Along this tour, the Lackenalm is the perfect stop for refreshments.


Intermediate difficulty level - RED

Arena Panorama Tour 2

The sister of Panorama Tour 1 is Panorama Tour 2. It also offers plenty of mountain scenery but requires much less effort from the biker. You won't even need your bike until after the Isskogel lift takes you up to an elevation of 1,900 m. Thus, this allows less experienced bikers to enjoy a great tour through hill country above the tree line and the breathtaking view of the Zillertal Alps and its glaciers. After 10 km on the panoramic path at an elevation of almost 2,000 m, the Kreuzwiesenalm invites you to stop and enjoy refreshments. The long downhill path now leads via the Gerlosberg to Zell am Ziller.

Leisurley biking on the Kreuzwiese

On this tour, you can marvel at unbelievable mountain scenery with comparatively little exertion. The tour starts with a ride on the Isskogel lift so that you're already at an elevation of 1,900 m before you even start pedaling. During your tour above the tree line in alpine terrain, you will have a spectacular view of the Zillertal Alps and its glaciers. After following the panoramic path for 10 km, you can stop for refreshments at the Kreuzwiesenalm at an elevation of 2000 m. The tour then returns along the same route via the Auserertensalm and Hohe Wand back to the Gerlostalalm. Where the trail forks toward the Innerertensalm, turn left and ride up ca. 400 vertical meters towards the Isskogel. From here, you can enjoy a very diverse, 10 km long downhill ride. It begins with the single trail and then continues via the Ebenfeldalm past the Latschenalm and through a stretch of forest. Be careful on the last 4 km referred to as the Gerloser Wiesenweg, because this stretch is frequently used by agricultural vehicles.


The tour starts at the music pavilion, and from here, the village roads leads past the Isskogel lift into the Innertal district. On the paved road, you will continue to the Almstüberl. Here, the forest path forks after around 1 kilometer. To the left is the path to the "Prölleralm" snack station. You can continue straight on the forest path. After a few bends and curves with a slight incline followed by a semi-flat path, you will reach the rustic Krummbachrast.

Wilde Krimml

Thanks to the Isskogel lift, you can reach Gerlos' local mountain, the Isskogel, without a strenuous uphill ride. The lift will take you and your bike up to an elevation of 1,900 m. You will still have plenty of energy to ride up the Isskogel along with a detour to the Wilde Krimml. It stands out with its scenically charming valley head. Awaiting you on the Gerlos Pass is a fantastic panorama of the Durlassboden reservoir, the side valleys, and the glaciers and summits of the Zillertal Alps, because the route runs above the tree line. This promises a perfect view. 


Difficult difficulty level - BLACK

Arena Panorama Tour 1

After an admittedly exhausting trip uphill, you can enjoy the 15 km long, fantastic panoramic tour. From Zell to the Kreuzwiesenalm and into the ski area of Gerlos, you can enjoy the view of the Zillertal Alps and its glaciers, because the route leads through open alpine pastures, which guarantee an optimal view.  


The Königstour of Gerlos: from the starting point towards Gerlos up the Isskogel. From the start, head towards Gerlos-Gmünd over the Brennachweg to the Gerlostalalm. Almost everything except for the connection from the Gerlostalalm to the Innertertenalm is an exhausting uphill ride. On the Isskogel, you can enjoy a fantastic view of Gerlos, the 3 side valleys of the Schönachtal, Schwarzachtal, and Wimmertal, and the glaciers of the Zillertal Alps. After a diverse downhill ride that leads to the Ebenfeldalm, you will reach Gerlos via a forest path or via three single trails. Be careful on the last 4 kilometers, because you may encounter agricultural vehicles.

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