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Single trails

Single trails in the Zillertal Arena

The finest downhill fun on the single trails in the Zillertal Arena for all adventure-seeking bikers.

Whether an enthusiastic beginner or expert in the bike scene, the Wiesenalm single trail in Zell am Ziller offers action-packed variety for everyone. Specially equipped gondolas, a bike washing station, and rental and service station right at the valley station of the Isskogel lift ensure the best experience.

NEW: after almost a year of construction, another 4 single trails were opened in Gerlos. Pro Alex Ganster said: "In the middle of the unique mountain panorama in the Zillertal Arena are 4 thrilling trails with a variety of difficulty levels that are harmoniously integrated into the terrain“.


Tour suggestions

Bike Trail Isskogel (Iss-Flow 1-3, Iss-Shore)


Iss-Flow 1-3

From the Isskogel summit station, the trail leads long the ski run and then winds its way into the terrain of the Barmbach. With some curves with numerous waves, the trail loses some altitude and approaches the road before crossing the Krummbach ski run. From pleasant slope and pasture areas, the trail now leads through the forest. Pure "flow" is guaranteed with waves and banked curves. After the first curve, you have the opportunity to choose a more difficult ride. Through a gorgeous forest with clearings and a variety of trees and past rocks that are beautifully situated, the Isstrail now leads to the forest path crossing. Then, the trail leads along the contour line to the route of the Isskogel lift. You also have the opportunity to switch over to an intermediate trail. The Iss-Flow offers additional banked curves with waves and jumps before ending at the road that leads to the Rössalm.


Once you have passed the Rösslalm, you can access the trail to the left on a forest path. After a few meters, the trail branches off to the right and leads along banked curves and gentle waves down towards the valley. Boggy terrain can be crossed with the help of the northshore bridges. Between deciduous trees and marshy terrain, the trail leads through a spruce forest. Over a long northshore bridge, this section offers plenty of variety. Not until the final few meters will you feel solid ground beneath your feet. The trail ends on the meadow path. 

Bike Trail Isskogel (Iss-Natural)



To access the trail, follow the Iss-Flow route for a few meters before turning left after the first curve. Awaiting you are short, steep sections, which are step-like in parts - these can be bypassed if you prefer. You can save time with the help of flat passages and prepare for the next challenge. At the wooden bridge, you can choose to go back to the blue line or continue on a more difficult route. 

Bike Trail Isskogel (Iss-Vertical)



After turning left at the bridge in the larch forest, awaiting you is the most difficult route. This black line takes you in sharp bends along the mountainside. Between the trees, the path becomes narrower, and at the halfway point, the terrain becomes very steep. Tight curves, roots, and steep downhill sections require your full concentration. Left in a totally natural state in places and full of small jumps and drops, the trail offers expanse for interpretation.

Bike Trail Isskogel (Iss-Tough 1-2)



Ambitious bikers will certainly get their money's worth on the Iss-Tough trail. At Seppi's Restaurant, a short connecting section on a gravel path will take you to this trail. Awaiting you here are banked curves, jumps, huge waves, and steep terrain. After crossing the road, the trail leads through the forest and then via steps and banked curves up to the route of the Isskogel lift, and the route winds back and forth with gentle banked curves. The trail then joins up with the Iss-Flow, but you can still continue along the Iss-Tough trail. Via the Iss-Flow and later via a road, you will reach the Rössl Alm on the last few meters.

Wiesenalm Single Trail


The Wiesenalm single trail - 5.2 km - pump it down!

Whether an amateur biker or experienced pro, the Wiesenalm single trail offers first-class biking fun for everyone. With its design, it is suited for enthusiastic beginners and also offers variety for experienced bikers over a length of 5.2 km, because it includes numerous hairpin bends, northshore elements, and pumps that require skill. The easy to intermediate single trail begins after riding the Rosenalm lift to the mid station. It leads mostly through the forest and down 700 vertical meters to the valley station of the Rosenalm lift.

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