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Ski tours

Ski tours in Gerlos

Gerlos is a perfect place for ski tours – no matter whether you're a beginner or experienced tourer! Directly from Gerlos, interesting and diverse ski touring routes lead into the glacier region with 3,000 meter high summits.

Before starting a ski tour, we recommend that you check the avalanche report at

Personal tour tip - Seespitze 2,365m

✗ Starting point: parking area in the Schwarzachtal
✗ Time-on-trail: 3 – 3.5 hrs.
✗ Altitude difference: 1,187 vertical meters

Ascent: starting right at the parking lot in the Schwarzachtal, the tour leads south over moderately steep alpine meadows, crosses a road a few times, and continues up to the Weißbachalm. Past the Weißbachlalm on the right, a flat road leads through a stretch of forest until you reach the large forest swaths of the Mitterleger-Weißbachalm. The path leads past the Hochleger on the wide ridge, which leads southwest to the Seespitze. Follow this path up to an elevation of 2050 m. Here, you will leave the trail leading to the Torhelm and stay on the ridge. The path leads to the southwest over hills until you almost reach two inconspicuous elevations. The elevation on the right is the Seespitze, and you will continue on a flat path.

Descent: same as the ascent.